• [W.]™+ Fundamental Brightening Treatment

    An intensive professional treatment containing [W.]™+ Brightening Serum with pure vitamin C to actively boost collagen production, neutralize free radicals, slow destructive enzyme activity and give brightness to the skin. The [W.]™+ complex acts on 4 mechanisms within the skin. Firstly, the complex optimises cell renewal and secondly reduces the synthesis of melanin. Thirdly, the limitation of melanin transfer reducing the development of pigmentation, and finally, improves the equilibrium of light scattering and reflection. The result is a brighter complexion, illuminated skin and improved skin tone.

  • Hydra3Ha Treatment

    This treatment was designed to meet the hydration needs of all types of skin, With a six phase protocol, exclusive massage and the latest generation of hydrating active ingredients. After 1 treatment skin is hydrated up to 71%.

  • Sothys Youth IT Treatment

    This is a targeted treatment is designed to combat the signs of aging: wrinkles and loss of firmness. An ultra sophisticated treatment combines ultra targeted products with expert application methods. Through five key steps and no fewer than eight specific formulas for a visibly younger skin.

  • Glysalac Professional Peel

    The Glysalac Professional Peel is formulated with Glycolic & Salicylic acid for an effective skin exfoliation within a professional facial protocol. It refines the texture of the skin, brings instant radiance, smoothes the skin and reveals a more bright and even complexion. Can be performed as a 30 minute express treatment or simply as a Sothys treatment enhancement to boost results.

  • Sothys Seasonal Treatment

    Sothys introduces its professional Seasonal facial twice yearly. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Our skin’s needs change with the seasons. These facials are designed with specific ingredents to answer the needs of each changing season to ensure the skin is left revitalised, calm and radiant.

  • Sothys Soothing Treatment

    The ultra gentle textures of this treatment have been formulated to respect the sensitivity of all skins, especially a true sensitive skin. The results are a more comfortable and calmer skin.